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As you may know, the County’s 911 Center recently launched Smart911. The program allows residents to provide advance information to our 911 dispatchers meant to help improve the speed and efficiency of an emergency response.

Parents, for example, can advise whether a child has certain allergies, medical conditions or physical/developmental limitations that might impact how EMS treats the child.

Senior citizens, or their families, can indicate if there is someone in a home that may be unable to escape in an emergency due to a mobility problem.

We are hoping you will partner with us by publishing the attached article (written by our 911 Director) in your municipal newsletter. There is no cost to residents who participate.

Some newspaper articles regarding the program for your reference:


     Paradise Township is beginning the process to begin its Sewage Management Program as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Sewage Management Program(SMP) is put in place by a municipality to make sure onlot sewage systems are properly maintained and operated . Ideally, under a SMP, treatment tanks are pumped regularly, system components are inspected and properly maintained, and records kept.

     Regular maintenance established through a SMP allows onlot sewage systems to function
more efficiently and last longer for the property owner. In addition it helps protect the quality of the surface water and groundwater, safeguard the public from waterborne diseases and protect the property owner’s health and property investment.

     In order to help Paradise Township save the taxpayers money we are beginning the Sewage Management Program on a Voluntary Basis which we will be relying on the individual property owners to forward the information to the township as they have their systems pumped out. Typically a septic tank should be pumped out every 2 to 4 years, depending on the size of tank and number of persons living in the home.

     If you would like additional information on the benefits of a Sewage Management Program, visit , keyword Sewage.

     We are asking anyone who has their systems checked or tanks pumped out to have the information forwarded on to the Township so that we can start keeping records on systems throughout the Township so that when we begin a mandatory Sewage Management Program we would have a head start on the program.

     Simply have your company which pumps out your tank forward the information to Paradise Township, 82 Beaver Creek Road, Abbottstown, PA 17301.